How To Use Wax Melts

Mini Melts to be used with a melt warmer/oil burners and fragrance will last for 8-10 hours. Unlike candles, the wax does not evaporate because there is no wick; only the scent dissipates.

To remove/replace the wax from the warmer simply allow the wax to cool completely harden and replace with a new fragrance. 

Mini Wax Melts

Box Contents: 12 units of same fragrance

Specifications per unit:
Weight: 22.7g
Burn Time: Between 8 – 10 hours
Dimensions: 19 x 64 x 95mm

For individual Melts, please contact a stockist near you to enquire if they stock
WoodWick Wax Melts and if they have any particular fragrances you may be looking for.
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Mix & Match

with mini wax melts!

Fragrance Mixology
The art of combining fragrances together to create a new, unique scent! 
You can create your own fragrance by using half of two fragrances. 

Suggested Combinations:

Cinnamon Chai & Vanilla Bean
Soft Chambray & At The Beach
Fireside & Redwood
Black Cherry & Bakery Cupcake
Lavender Spa & Magnolia

Fragrance your home with our Mini Wax Melts