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Should you wish to become a Yankee Candle, Millefiori or WoodWick retailer, please complete either of the options below:

Method 1:

Click on the “Download the PDF” button below to download a print version of our application form.

Scan the application and email to [email protected]


Method 2:

Complete the online form below to submit quick and easy.

Complete the Retail Application online via the form below:

    Yankee Candle, Millefiori, WoodWick

    Application - Retail Opportunity

    Which brand are you applying for to stock:

    Registered Shop/Business Name:

    Form of business:
    Retail Store(s)Internet SalesDecorating ServicesEventsCorporate GiftingOther

    If other, please specify:

    Do you have a website, if yes, please provide details:

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    Please provide brands of other home Fragrance products you stock:

    Are you looking at selling this brands on your website:

    Have you sold any of these brands before:

    If so, which:

    Are you part of a franchise:

    Please provide business / store's physical location / delivery address:

    Please note, should approval be given it will ONLY be for this above mentioned location.

    Business / Store contact number:

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    Company Registration No:

    Buyers Details

    Accounts Person Details


    Cellphone Number:

    Email Address:


    Tel Number:

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    • Please note this application is subject to your business meeting the brands International criteria.
    • Approval criteria can be changed without notice.
    • By ticking confirm below, you hereby confirm the above information within this 'Retail Application' is accurate and allow to be submitted for the review and approval.




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